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All Platforms

Our Software is Designed to work on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems, of both current and older versions so you don’t have to worry if your computer is up to the task.

Tablet Input At Inspection

With a tablet running full windows operating system IQ6000 can be used during your inspection to fill out your report. Here is a video demonstration of the input on a tablet. Click Here to view.


We have added numerous options to make our software flexible, while remaining easy to use and intuitive. You can easily modify text, insert or modify photos so the report is always the way you want it.

Multiple Outputs

We have provided multiple different types of ways to deliver your report. You can create and save a PDF, send an email containing the report, or send the report straight to a printer.

Software Is FREE

Download and use the complete IQ600.com software, modify templates, print proof PDF’s to make sure you like the software. There are no costs for the software or upgrade, no monthly or annual fees. If you choose to use it we only charge per report PDF made.
Pay Only Per Report!

Backup Is Automatic and Easy

When you make a PDF, the PDF and original report software is saved to a data base. The data base is in the program; access is by one button click in the program. A manual save to data base button makes saving to the data base as you write the report so as not to lose any information.

Easy Referencing

IQ6000 contains an internal database for you to reference of many things you have input in the past, saving time on future reports. You can look up past inspections, Realtors and Attorneys you have dealt with, along with many other options.

Sample Report

Buyers And Real Estate Agents Love Our Home Inspection Reports.
User Friendly, Easy To Understand.
Works On Windows And MAC.
Quick To Learn – Free To Use – Pay Per Report.

The IQ6000 report output is a PDF, not a flip book, but a report can be changed to a flip book using a number of 3rd party programs.

The Home Facts Handbook

How To Protect Your Investment

Printed Booklet — Superior Advertising — We Have Used For Years.
Agents hand out, and put in their sales package to buyers.
Generic, Simply attach your business card.
Custom copies are available, please call for pricing.