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I developed the IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software because of a need for a user friendly, computer driven program, but the software I had tried, was frustrating and difficult to understand. Some of the home inspection software's I tried had a readable output and a nice input method, but changes to the program's reports were often difficult to make. Many home inspection software programs have been developed by programmers and NOT by an actual home inspector.

Reports created using the IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software are "Intuitive" to use and "Quick" ...thus the name IQ6000.  I've completed over 16,000+ home inspections over 36 years that I have been performing home inspections. 


Buyers and real estate agents love our home inspection report software ...they understand what we are saying ...and I seldom receive a call to explain any of my findings. We allow you to incorporate/attach any PDFs in the inspection report, so your standards and any other information is included in the final output PDF. Some home inspectors use no paper, they simply email the report and save a copy of the report electronically. Others print the actual home inspection report, some on site ...some back in the office.

In fact, we work in an area where there is often not an internet connection, so we designed the IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software to be able to make/output an inspection report without a connection to the internet. You purchase the right to make a specific number of home inspection reports, download them ...resulting in you not needing to be connected to the internet to produce a report.

I hope this helps you decide to try our home inspection report software and we offer FREE "One on One" training, if the training videos on our web site, do not answer all your questions. After just one hour of watching our videos, you should be ready to use the IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software to do a full inspection. In fact, you'll be ready to use IQ6000 to complete a full home inspection for fire, security and safety. Plus our help desk is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

  * Modify Text, Notes, Contract, SOP, Tabs, etc.
  * Photo Editor
  * PDF Output > Email, Print On Site Or Burn To CD
  * Database Of Realtors, Attorneys, etc.
  * Database Of Inspection Reports
  * Backup Is Easy ...Just Click And Drag!
  * Windows
  * Mac
  * No Set Up Fees
  * No Upgrade Fees
  * No Hidden Costs
  * PAY PER REPORT (see below)
    Bulk - Buy XX Number Of Reports - Use As Needed (these roll over)
    Monthly - Pay Per Month For XX Number Of Reports (cheaper than "Bulk" per report)
Price Each # Of Reports Total Cost
$7.50 10 $75.00
$6.50 20 $130.00
$6.00 30 $180.00
$5.00 50 $250.00
MONTHLY PURCHASE (do not roll over to next month)
Price Each # Per Month Cost/Month
$5.00 10 $50.00
$4.50 20 $90.00
$4.00 30 $120.00
$3.50 50 $175.00

InterNACHI members send us an email with each order and we will add one free inspection report to your account.
Try 10 reports, then decide how many home inspection reports a month you want, start a monthly plan ...and pick up "Bulk" reports, to finish the busy months, should you run out.

IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software ...User Friendly Home Inspection Report Program
IQ6000 Home Inspection Report Software ...Free ...No Set Up Fees, Upgrade Fees or Hidden Costs
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